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The World Needs To Hear Your Voice Now!

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Playing songs for yourself doesn't count. You need to share your ideas. It’s never been more important. If you have a gift, it is your duty as a human to share.

The simple act of sharing a song is what separates songwriters from listeners and critics. It is what separates leaders from followers. If you are silencing a voice that wants to be heard, you are doing a disservice not only to yourself, but also to humanity. Your ideas can comfort the anxious, can empower the powerless, add strength to social movements or sway socio political realities. Your silence creates space for others’, arguably not-so- great or harmful ideas, to dominate airwaves, attention, and culture.

You might not have the next “Imagine” or “One Love” within you. You do however have songs in you that will remind people that they have ideas to share as well. The real generosity of your work is to inspire and empower others to break their own silence, to share their best songs or ideas in any format and be heard by as many as possible.

The bluetooth speaker has obliterated the campfire and any number of organic, timeless, song sharing occasions. It’s time to bring those occasions back… It’s time to write music that people want to hear, and share ideas that inspire humans to see the good in each other and feel the power of their own being.

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